Monday, August 2, 2010


Louielou keeping Leo's kennel warm for him. Isn't that ear sticking up hilarious?
Nothing major to report, but, as I'm full of nerves and anticipation I just had to take a picture and post. Call it a compulsion, coping mechanism, whatever I just had to post something. Leo's at the vet and is going to be neutered and maybe be 'de-pinned'. I don't know when the vet will call me to tell me how everything went and if we have to wait another week or not. So here I am, an hour away from work, tons of things around the house to clean-up and all of those things I can't really think about as I'm anxious and waiting to hear some news.
Where's Prince Valium* when I need him? ;-)
*please note that's a joke!

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