Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last Day???

Leo is such a good poser now. He held this position for at least a minute! Oh and ignore the dirty floor and hair everywhere, it has been a busy weekend for me.
Brace yourselves here guys....okay you ready? Have you sufficiently braced? Today just maybe the last full day Leo has his external fixator on!! Tomorrow we'll drop Leo off at Dr. Mary's vet clinic where she will later take Leo to get x-rays at the other vet clinic where he had his surgery. Can you believe how accomodating she is and how awesome she will be there with him? Couldn't ask for a better vet!
As he will be sedated for the x-rays they will go ahead and neuter Leo. Typically they wait until service dogs in training are about a year old so that way the dog has a chance to fully grow (and bigger service dogs are good for the physically disabled) as hormones help with that. However, since Leo is taller and longer than many of the full grown service dogs in training Therapetics isn't exactly worried about him needing more time to get bigger. If the x-rays show the bone is healed up they will remove the pins out of his leg; yes Leo will get a two surgeries in one deal! Worse case scenario? We wait one more week for pin removal.
Either way folks it's one more day or one more week of pin cleaning, hardware wrapping, and, making sure Leo doesn't do anything stupid (ie being a puppy). I can hardly comprehend it! Though it has been just eight weeks since the accident there are moments when I feel as if this recovery process has lasted for eight months! I actually cried when the vet told me that there was a good possibility Leo would be pin free by tomorrow. Honestly, I'm trying not to get too worked up about this, however, I do think Leo is ready. He has been running as if there's nothing wrong, is acting more and more like his pre-accident self, and despite a close call with an infection last week he walks with virtually no limp! We will see, there's no telling until the x-rays have been processed.
But either way we are in the final stretch and I couldn't be more elated! Thank you all again and again for all the support, good vibes, prayers, etc. You guys have really helped me and thus Leo throughout this whole process. Couldn't have done this without ya!


annelise said...

Yay! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for Leo (and for you!). Eight weeks?! I got a bit of a shock when I read that. It's gone by really, really quickly - though it probably doesn't feel that way to you!

Hope you had a great weekend. xx

Habebi said...

Annelise- Eight weeks really isn't a lot is it? But, at the same time I feel that we've been going through this for much, much longer. Thank goodness his recovery time wasn't going to be 12 weeks- OMG could you imagine how I'd be then?!?! lol Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed!

Sarah said...

OHHHHHH how lovely! Fingers crossed and happy-go-lucky almost pee-pee dance for you! Keep us posted! Hope you're recovering well from yesterday!

Habebi said...

Sarah- Thanks chica!! Yes, I am recovering, but, HOLY JEEBUS I am sooooorrrreeee!! It's going to take a couple of days to work all this lactic acid out lol.

Sara Louise said...

My fingers are crossed for you!! I hope everything works out ok xo