Monday, August 16, 2010

"I've Got Sunshine"

The ever lovely and wonderful Annelise from box of crayons awarded me with the Sunshine award today!! Woot, woot! Rules are to list seven random facts about me and then I will pass the love onto three other wonderful bloggers. And away we go!

1. I have a morbid fear of being buried alive. If this weren't rediculous enough I developed this fear from watching a soap opera when I was younger during summer break. This is why kids NEED (yes I said need) cable folks. If we had had Nicklodeon while I was growing up I would've been watching cartoons all day instead of rediculous plots on soap operas which have scarred me for life.

2. I am a bit of a speed reader. Not like lightening fast, but, I get through books fairly quick. I've been able to do this since I first started reading around four. In fact, my mother once told me to read slower as she was tired of having to frequent the library so much so I could check out more Nancy Drew books. The downside of this ability is when I'm typing or writing something out I tend to miss typos and errors a LOT. Thanks to this blog I've been working on proof-reading several times as I realized I had a lot of typos floating around my entries. I may become a better writer because of this. Well... we can hope right?

3. I LOVE languages. Languages are fun to me- like puzzles (I love those too). What better way to gain insight about a culture than to learn its language? I really hope to learn more Spanish, as well as, German and Italian. Maybe I should buy Rosetta Stone as I have no idea how I'll have the time to learn them all!

4. When I was 10 years old I wanted to become an Olympic figure skater. I adored Kristi Yamaguchi and wanted to be just like her. Though I prefer to make my dreams happen, I am glad I didn't pursue this one. Though every now and then I still like to jump around and pose like a figure skater. It gets really bad during the Olympics.

5. From the time I could walk until I was about 14 years old I was severely knocked kneed and pigeon toed. Apparently I'm rather hypermobile in my joints and thanks to genetics my hips and knees are loosey goosey. My old ballet teacher told my parents I would never be a good dancer in part because I was so 'floopy'. My cousin had the same issue and he got inserts put into his shoes and now he can turn out like nothing else. My parents told me to just walk straight and now I struggle with turnout in Irish Dance. I swear I'm not bitter... well not THAT bitter.

6. I shouldn't be allowed to go to competitive sports games. If I'm rooting for a team I morph into a maniac fan. I will scream (never obsenities mind you), I will jump up and down, wave my arms etc. As long as it's not past that line of extremely rude I will do it. I got layrngitis this way once when the TU basketball team was competing in a tournament.

7. I scare, very, VERY easily. My brother took advantage of this while we were growing up. He often jumped from around a corner to scare me and he succeeded in doing just that. I will literally be pinned to the ceiling if I'm scared. This is why horror movies must be watched at home, with the lights on, or else I would get kicked out of a movie theatre for all the screaming I would do watching a horror flick. I'd like to think it's because I am just a passionate person with intense emotions. Yes, that sounds a lot better than I'm just a scaredy cat doesn't it?

I pass this award to...
Lovely @ Lovely in Lux
Caitie @ A Cait's Life
Sarah @ The Start of Something New


Caitie said...

Hey, that's me! Thanks :-)

annelise said...

Aren't awards lovely? :) (I felt like I should have been 'too cool' to care about them, like it was all a bit high school, but then I got over it!)

I'm a bit of a speed reader as well, I'm always reminding myself to slow down because I'm sure I'm missing bits. Oh well, always a good excuse to read a good book twice :)