Sunday, August 22, 2010


In my frantic, 'must get a job' to 'holy crap I have a job' to 'holy crap where is my social security card so I can have this job'* states I forgot to mention Leo has been allowed to resume normal puppy activities. Yes I forgot to tell you all that- I'm a horrible mama! Leo has been going to work and out to public places with me since last Monday. I will say while a few manners have gone to the wayside he has been doing quite well and everyday there is improvement.
I think Leo could give Gene Simmons a run for his money with that tongue!
Leo has also grown, a LOT! He's nine months old now and is already 75 pounds. He's suppose to 'thicken' up from here on out... good grief I can only imagine where he'll finally settle weight wise. I think Louie was surprised how strong and big he is now when they started playing again. I often have to give Leo 'time outs' just so he won't go too wild when puppy wrestling with Louie. That's a new problem, but, I'm sure they'll figure it out. Since Leo has been on a playing with Louie ban, along with pratically everything else, he has a lot of pent up energy to get out. I guess you could say he's making up for lost time.
What a handsome puppy, non?

One area I was worried about was getting Leo's service dog skills back up to snuff. We missed a total of eight weeks of training and while I had been working on little things at home, I was skeptical he'd get back to where he was before the accident quick. Much to my surprise this past week and a half he has begun to pick up objects, bringing them to me, and giving it to me all on command. Not even two weeks ago I was having to do a lot to coerce him into putting anything not food or toy related in his mouth! Where this new eagerness and cooperation has come from I don't know, but, you will not hear me complain. His heeling (walking beside me) has also improved leaps and bounds. I'm hoping this continues as taking him to school for my new job will definitely be a challenge with all the kids around him.

Leo discovered Mina's hidey hole square the other night. What a goofball! I think Louie's saying, "Dude... wtf?"
What I'm most pleased with, however, is Leo has become easier and easier to handle. He's having fun, getting his energy out, and that makes for a happier dog and a happier puppy raising mama. We all are getting used to being 'back in action', but, it has been a good thing to used to! I have also noticed Leo and I are more patient with eachother. He is listening better and I am a lot better at giving commands and, if need be, correcting him. Though I would've preferred not to have had to treat a broken leg it seems we have made the best out of it and are the better for having to go through the long recovery process. Life can be rather funny sometimes, can't it?

*TPS wants me to come in and get my paperwork sorted out. They told me they required a social security card, which I cannot find of course!! They also need transcripts from college, which I cannot get due to some technicalities I'm in the middle of settling with at TU. So, naturally, I've been freaking out a bit trying to figure out what to do!!


Caitie said...

That dog is frigging sweet! He's SO CUTE! Glad to hear his training is on track :-)

Habebi said...

Caitie- I know isn't he? What a good boy he is (most of the time lol).

Sara Louise said...

So happy to see him with out those horrible pins in his leg. He looked like RoboPuppy!

Habebi said...

Sara Louise- It is wonderful isn't it? We called him 'Frankendog' when he had the pins in. As grusome as it was, his recovery went well because of them. Go figure right?