Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finding a New Routine

This post is going to feature Leo's new routine picture wise, but, I'm really going to discuss little ol' moi and my new routine. Today marks the third day of my new kinda unemployed status. I am still teaching as you know, however, it is so WEIRD not having a pile of emails, calls, and projects to worry about. To be honest I didn't even think I worked all that much as I did quite a bit from home, but, I'm beginning to realize I did put in more time than I originally thought.
So, I've been spending plenty of time with Leo and Louie. We can't go outside for walks as it is WAY too stinkin' hot around here. And technically Leo is not supposed to be doing much of anything so my new routine has consisted of keeping him (or attempting to as reflected in yesterday's post) calm and as still as possible.

My boys. Those faces make any gloomy day better.
Easier said than done of course, but, oh the satisfaction that comes when I and the Benedryl succeed in taking down the puppy energy. Leo's pin removal comes at such an interesting time too. Now that his pins are out I don't have to spend so much time keeping his leg cleaned. Seriously, cleaning those blasted pins could take up to 10 minutes though by the end I was getting it done in about 5-7 minutes. Now mind you I don't mind not having to take care of all of that at all. It's quite a relief actually. However, that leaves me with more time.

The pin wounds have already closed up! I've been looking at those babies, cleaning them, and praying for them to close up and there they are closed up just a mere 24 hours post-surgery.
More time to do what exactly? Well, read blogs, post blog entries, do laundry, clean up, and....?? If I had a/c in my car I would go ahead and run errands, but, since there isn't a/c and the temps have been in the 100's I'm not getting in that hot box on four wheels unless I absolutely have to.

Leo still needs to take anti-biotics- that has stayed the same.
What's a girl to do? I've already put on hold library books to read, have been putting in inquires about jobs. Yet despite all I've been doing and will do, I still feel as if I have a bunch of time one my hands. I may have to start scheduling projects if this keeps up. I think I am going a bit stir crazy, which is just silly but, there nonetheless. Then there's the fun conflicts that have begun to surface. This morningI cried on the phone with Jon frustrated that the Irish dance class schedule [starts in September] will likely conflict with my [current] work schedule. How the h*** did that manage to happen? I have TONS of time during the day, as I'm not working full time any more, but, when I do work it conflicts with my life/activities?? Really?
Leo's the best pill poppin' dog in Eastern Oklahoma.
It's a challenge isn't it? Finding ways to keep preoccupied when I have all this free time. I may have to get more organized than ever before just to feel productive. I know it's too early to really have a 'new routine', but, I'm ready to have one soon. In the meantime at least I can enjoy time with my pets and getting to sleep in a bit. That's someting right?


Sarah said...

I understand! If I don't have something to do, I go nuts and worry about every little darned thing. It's a lot easier to let go when you just flat don't have time to worry. Yay on the wounds closing, and good luck on the job hunt!!

Habebi said...

Sarah- Exactly! It's so easy to start obsessing over anything and everything. Jon's talking about paint projects, so I may be taping some rooms just so there's SOMETHING to do lol!